1st November 2012

4% of the Population are Sociopaths…True Story!

Ever seen the study about sociopath tendencies and the fact that 4% of the population are sociopaths…..well i’m convinced they found their home in Corporate America and many work for Monsanto!

In India, every 30 minutes a farmer kills himself….that trailer is just a small glimpse in to the cost paid to grow genetically modified crops. 

They must be sociopaths, it’s really the only logical explanation I can come up with for all the fuckery they’ve been up to.

How do you feel no remorse for the dire consequences that come with planting a seed you created? ‘Bitter Seeds’ brings us up close and personal  to the tragic truth and really opens your eyes to why we need to take a stand. Prop 37 isn’t just about a label…this can open the doors to so much more! It’s time to regulate companies like Monsanto and stop these tragedies from occurring.

So California, when you see this on your voting ballot don’t forget to VOTE YES on Prop 37!

Vote YES California Prop 37

Proposition 37, if passed, has the potential to open so many doors for the rest of the country when it comes to how our food is labeled. Don’t we all have a right to know?

right to know logo

And if GMO’s aren’t that bad for us, why fight so hard against one little label? Chances are the people who don’t care won’t even notice the label. But I’ll tell ya one thing, I’d rather know where everything I put in to my body comes from! Moreover, I’d never support a company that breaks down a human spirit the way Monsanto does.

I can’t even begin to imagine what it feels like to lose everything you’ve worked so hard for because a salesman convinced you that this was the way to go….”the way of the future”.

I’m sorry, there may be a lot of science behind Monsanto seeds but it certainly isn’t the way of the future. More like mad scientist that ends up creating an atomic bomb and blowing up the village. And let’s not forget, of all the countries that have already adopted the policy of labeling GMOs, India is at the top of the list.

Any way Monsanto tries to spin this, it still boils down to the same results, none of which are good for us…in the words of one of my colleagues: “That’s Fucked“!

You can watch the full ‘Bitter Seeds’ Movie here:


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  1. Crystal

    Great blog. I really hope people in California vote to have their food labeled and I am thinking Canadians should get this opportunity to know what GMO foods they are eating as well.

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