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25th August 2011

A Guys Perspective: What is your beauty worth to you?

IMG01601-20110825-1754I have noticed lately a lot of my good friends that are girls are getting a few wrinkles and their young female bodies are changing into more mature womanly shapes.  It’s great, right?!  Us guys love it.

I have also noticed a large number of my ‘women friends’ are now having body image problems and they are taking cosmetic procedures that are unnecessary.  I think they are unnecessary!

They are having issues with their first wrinkles that are showing up on their smart foreheads, and around their charismatic eyes. I’ve also noticed they aren’t wearing the shorts they wore last summer, or the skirt they used to love.

But, why, I ask myself, are such confident and beautiful women having body image problems and changing their lives?

Who’s to blame?  Are women so hell bent on what others are thinking, that they are now changing their bodies for total strangers?  Do they think men notice these things, a wrinkle here and some cellulite?

If that is the reason, seriously, you are giving us men way to much credit as we aren’t detail oriented like that, unless we are cosmetic surgeons and have to be.  A women’s body is great, media proposed flaws and all.

Who are these women trying to impress?  Sure, their friends are going to see their wrinkles, but they are friends right? And, chances are their friends are getting wrinkles too. Age is catching up, better inject chemicals, seriously, come on!

Is the media to blame? Are females to blame themselves for allowing other people to push what is beautiful or not on them?  Do they need to fit in that much in a society that is evolving itself?

Women, here me out, the wrinkles will come eventually, and no you aren’t fat!

What we men don’t get is why women are trying to postpone the inevitable; life’s aging process.

I have news for all of my beautiful friends, and women in our society.  People, men and women a like are going to say stuff about your appearance, how you act, and who you are whether you do, or don’t wear those shorts you used to sport.

So your legs are not right off of the catwalk, but would you really want them to be?  Those girls aren’t healthy, and don’t look happy.  And, so, you have a few wrinkles.

Love yourself, and be comfortable in your own skin, now that’s attractive!

One more thought, if you eat healthy and take care of yourself like you should, then you don’t have to worry about anything.

Wrinkles can come about not just by age, but by a lack of exercise, and poor eating habits, but that’s a guys perspective!

It comes down to a good self worth, so if you are confident you’ll want to take care of yourself. This goes for guys and girls.




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