11th September 2012

A Pirate Boy And A Siren Girl by Dylan Thomas McCall




Did you know?
When the rains fall and the winds blow,
When the skies cascade and the leaves swirl
Echos slow
And soft, but true

Water colors green and blue,
A story of both past and new,
‘Tween a pirate boy and a siren girl.The air and sea were one.
All was dark and frightful.The clouds crackled golden vulcan and icy mist was every breath and a constant creaking from bow to stern whispered of a sailor’s death and Neptune’s final Nightfall.

How he wished to be home again,
A cigar, some gin, a favorite friend,
He’d give all to be home again,
A smoke and drink in the sun.

Then a flash
Now orange and reds
And fire on the sea
Lightning’s struck and split the mast
And all the mates

whom he now loved
Forever to the sea.
For he,
a sweeter fate,
That of a mermaid’s mercy…♥ “How many young faces had I seen drift by on the oceans wave?
Too many to count.
A welcome sight most always.
How curious?
Bronzed by ages,
Scurrying up and down the lines as mice,
Singing joy,
Straining muscle and sinew.
Sinking in a storm,
I’d called a few,
But no sailor did I save.
But never had I seen a sight like the flame I saw that night,
Never had I seen a light quite like the glean that filled the green eyes of this boy.”And from that day…

The air and sun were one.
All was warm and blissful.

Rocky tides were yesterday
Todays and ‘morrows that of play
And nights of kisses, thoughtful.
When the clouds fall down and all the leaves aswirl,
If thunder cracks and lightning sparks
And icy wind is all the air,
Lend an ear to the winter’s breeze,
There drifts an ageless love affair
‘Tween a pirate boy and a siren girl.

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