Banff National Park
24th September 2012

Alberta’s Three National Parks!

One of the best parts of living in Alberta is our “three” National Parks!

If you had a weekend available, you could visit Banff National Park, which is world-renowned and has the Columbia Icefields, and of course, Lake Louise.


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Or, you could drive to Jasper National Park where the Athabasca Falls is located.



Athabasca Falls 01

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If you are feeling like more of a Prairie experience, then drive out to Elk Island National Park, just east of Edmonton off of the Yellowhead Highway.

By Joel Adria

Elk Island National Park Photo provided by Joel Adria, thank you!

If you love picturesque scenery and you are a nature lover, you can easily venture out to any of these magnificent parks (see above) for a weekend getaway.  Though camping is more or less out of the question, as the weather is getting colder, you still could opt to stay in a cabin or in one of the many lodges available.

If you don’t have any plans for this upcoming weekend, get on out to one of these parks for some hiking and sightseeing.  Thanksgiving is around the corner; therefore, be proactive and burn some calories before you even sit down for that decadent and very filling family dinner!


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  1. Isabel

    Some of my favorite memories are from horsepacking in Banff. I heard that the backcountry is now off-limits, do you know if that’s true?

  2. Crystal

    Thanks for your comment! I am actually not sure if the back country is now off limits, but I do know currently due to a Grizzly Bear attacking a dog, the trails are closed in Banff.

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