6th March 2011

All Natural Waxed Paper by If You Care

I like to cook, and I like to cook from recipes. I recently purchased a cookbook that had a sweet recipe for enchiladas made with chili verde sauce. Only problem; it called for waxed paper, and I didn’t have any. I didn’t really think waxed paper was a necessary addition to my kitchen before that recipe fell into my life. So, when I was at my local natural health food store and saw All Natural Waxed Paper made with 100% soybean wax, I snapped it up.

Waxed paper is made with exactly what its name belies: paraffin wax. Which is a petroleum product, and I can safely say I don’t want to chow down on a nice lunch of candle. It is also bleached, while the All Natural variety is not. This waxed paper is also ideal for microwave use, which can help you cut down on dirty dishes. It can also compost. The only thing this waxed paper can’t do, apparently, is make coffee.

It’s made by a company called If You Care, who make a number of non-food household items keeping the environment in mind. They make cheesecloth, twine, kitchen gloves, aluminum foil, sandwich bags, and a bunch of other great stuff that we use every day, or at least every week, around the house. Their first products were unbleached coffee filters, the first of their kind in the US in 1990. You can find out where to buy their products here.

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