24th October 2012
Amazing Animals

Amazing Animals: Blobfish, the Couch Potato of the Sea




Well, would you look at Freddy Frown-Face over here? Is that a face only a mother could love, or what? “Oh, whoa is me. I’m just a fat, lil blob, floatin’ through the sea. I got no friends, nobody cares for me. I think I’ll eat some gunk…”


This is the Blobfish, maybe the most pathetic looking creature on earth. Style, grace and keeping up appearances are not what he’s all about. If you’re looking for a dynamic physique, wisdom of the forests, supernatural awareness… Look elsewhere. the Blobfish lives thousands of feet below the surface, where the pressure would crush you like a tube of toothpaste. Perhaps, down there, he’s not such an unattractive mush. Surprise: He’s not the most mobile fish in the sea. He basically sits around and eats whatever floats in front of him.

So, to answer your question- What do you get when you throw a creature thousands of feet under perpetually darkness, and don’t demand any exercise, or movement in any way?? You get this, the Blobfish, the sadist sack in the sea.

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