10th October 2012
Amazing Animals

Amazing Animals: The Adorable, Regenerating Axolotl


Awwww. Would you look at the lil Axolotl! I know, it looks like a snuggle bug from the planet Adorable, right? Some type of stuffed animal that got pixie dust sprinkled on it, and now he’s come to lay Turkish Delight under your pillow after he melodically sings you to sleep.

No, he’s actually just a salamander. Well, not just any salamander, the Axololt has some very unique, interesting traits. First off, unlike other salamanders and amphibians, the Axolotl does not go through metomorphosis. You know: Pollywog to tadpole to frog and the like.. Nope, the Axolotl just IS. Its born this soft, squishy thing and stays that way… (would you look at his lil face?!?!?!)


Scientists are very interested in the Axolotl too, and not for the cute factor. Because he never reaches full “maturity”, the Axolotl retains an amazing ability to regenerate. You’ve probably heard of lizards and salamanders regrowing tails, but the Axolotl beats them by a mile. He can regrow tails, arms, legs, any limb! Its really quite amazing.


Axolotls don’t go through metamorphosis because of a lack of thyroid stimulating hormone present in other salamanders. The transformation can actually be induced through an injection of iodine, but, i don’t know why you’d want to ruin all that cuddliness.

An average axolotl can grow 6 to 18 inches and live 15 to 25 years, and be kept in captivity. So, if you’re looking for an interesting, adorable pet, you might want to look into picking one up.

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