13th October 2012
Amazing Animals

Amazing Animals: The Hagfish Not Just A Cute Name!!!



Well now thats a face only a mother could love! This my friends is the slimy, creepy, crawly, nasty, friend from the deep the hagfish. As you can see it is aptly named. It is found on the coasts of australia and is really a pretty awesome fish, it kicks dorsal fins and takes names if you know what I mean. You see the thing is it has this awesome defense mechanism where it excretes copious amounts of sticky slime into the mouths of predators allowing it to easily slither out of the jaws of doom. Another cool this is that haggy here can literally tie itself in a knot, which it does to un-slime itself when the need arises. check out this video of several sharks and other fish trying to go JAWS on a hagfish.


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