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12th November 2012
Amazing Animals

Amazing Animals: The Orvillecopter!



I realize this post doesn’t fit into what we normally constitute as amazing animals here at Essentia Berkeley, however once I saw the helicopter cat I knew it could not be shunted into any other category. A Dutch artist for reasons best know to himself decided that after his cat died he would take it to a taxidermist¬†instead¬†of burying or cremating the cat. There’s nothing too unusual about stuffing a pet, however I do think its against the norm to then use its preserved body as the fuselage of a helicopter. He dubbed his creation “the Orvillecopter” as his cat had been named Orville after Orville Wright the legendary Wright brother.

At first I was kinda disgusted, it seemed disrespectful and morbid, but the more I think about it the more I wonder what else we could turn our pets into after they die? I mean honestly how cool would it be to become a helicopter after you die? I think even for humans that should go on the list, cremation, burial, or helicopter, or cremation via helicopter such as being gracefully flown into a volcano!

[youtube] [/youtube]

This concept has changed my life in a way, now when I meet a bad person I think of what a fine helicopter they might be and consider the other possibilities too. Imagine a penguin motorboat, or a great white shark submarine, or a Clydesdale motorcycle, or  platypus roller-skates, or why not a manatee jet ski! I mean really the list goes on, an elephant bulldozer, a giraffe forklift, giant tortoise toboggans, anaconda airplanes, the world could be so much more interesting!

After all whats the moral difference between cow leather shoes and a cat helicopter? As a matter a fact that may be a good way to subdue out of control pets, the threat of involuntarily becoming a helicopter would likely make the most obnoxious and unruly pets behave.







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    My reactions went as follows: Disgust -> Shock -> Aw. Then I watched the final video (for the 1:40 I could take) with jaw completely dropped, a disturbed Derek at my side. But I do have to say, “now when I meet a bad person I think of what a fine helicopter they might be” is one of the best life slogans I’ve heard in quite a while.

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