18th July 2012
Green Products

Apps Like GoodGuide Help you Lead a Greener Life


Smartphones and tablets are great for staying connected and helping to manage your life. Thanks to useful and informative apps, they can also help you make your life more eco-friendly.

GoodGuide can help with making socially and ecologically responsible choices while shopping. Labels can be deceptive, but with this app, you can use your iPhone’s camera to take a photo of the barcode and pull up detailed health, environment and social information about the item. Currently GoodGuide only covers American products.

If you’re looking to eat healthier food, Green Kitchen is an iPhone and iPad app that provides detailed cooking instructions for almost 50 vegetarian recipes. You’ll get a step-by-step guide for each meal along with estimated cooking times, and the app can easily send shopping list reminders via SMS or email.

For true nature buffs, Audubon Guides provides almost exhaustive information about animals, plants, birds and insects in their series of field guide apps, many of which are available for Android phones as well.

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