0f7fa ij7049 rasta rain coat
5th April 2010
Green Products

April Showers Bring Eco-Friendly Raincoats

0f7fa ij7049 rasta rain coat
Want to stay dry this spring but don’t want the nasty Teflon and other associated chemicals that go with traditional rain gear? Have no fear, the Essentia shopping helpers are here!

Dress Like a Samurai
While we would prefer ninjas, dressing like samurais is a close second. Waterproof and fashionable.


This traditionally English outerwear company uses wax rather than Teflon to make their products waterproof.


As if the thought of Wellingtons isn’t hot enough for my fellow Scots, how about Wellingtons made from natural latex? Oh, yeah. That’s right… can you say BAAAHHHby?

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