16th March 2011

Are Organic Baby Clothes Worth the extra cost?

sckoonhatOrganic baby products are more expensive, but there are still great reasons to go for organic when purchasing clothes for baby, says Bethany Grosser, owner of Little Spruce Organics.

“Safety is the most common factor,” says Grosser.  “Organic textiles are processed without synthetic additives, reducing parents’ concerns about chemical residue left on the fabric that touches their babies’ skin.”  Comfort, according to Grosser, is another great reason to switch it up. “Parents love the fact that organic clothing is incredibly soft, suitable for sensitive baby skin, and absorbs moisture while still feeling dry.”

Some other organic baby clothing providers:

Cheeky Monkey
This Canadian outfit carries bamboo hats and the cutest baby Ugg boots.

Get your baby an organic kimono. You know you want to.

The hats will make your heart explode from all the cute.

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  1. Amelie

    I recently discovered Organic Baby Gift Boutique and have found everything I need in organic baby clothes and products. They are my one-stop shop for everything I need for my family and for all of the new moms in my life. Perfect site for gifts too!

  2. John

    I only buy organic clothes for my 11 years and 9 year old children. Both have very sensitive skin, so it’s hard for them to even sleep at night. That’s why i bought merino wool pyjamas and they said it’s much better for them. Now they can sleep much tighter.

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