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Glass Bottle 2

DIY: Upcycling Projects 101

Upcycling means converting waste material into something of value; giving a piece of “trash” a new life. In a world filled with waste, recycling is good… but upcycling is even better. Upcycling projects involve producing something that adds value to an otherwise useless or non…
leafy greens

Food Colors and their Benefits

The colors of the rainbow are beautiful, and they will actually stimulate your mind in different ways. Just like the color red is stimulating, yellow makes you happy, and blues and greens help you to relax. Did you know that the colors in food will…
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The Odd Goodness of Bee Pollen

  Everyone knows that honey is what bees are all about, and we all love a bit of honey on a piece of toast in the morning. But, have you heard off bee pollen - the under-appreciated second cousin to honey? It may not taste…