Ajiro bamboo bicycle
29th August 2011

Bamboo Bike, Amazing Design!(video)

Ajiro bamboo bicycle

With gas prices on the rise more and more people are turning to alternative forms of transportation. Bikes seem to be the most popular choice, offering both health benefits and cost efficiency.

New bike designs come out everyday, one surpassing the last in their appeal and function. The one limitation on bikes is the materials they are made of, using metal, plastic and rubber as the fundamental building blocks.

Now you can throw that all out the window with this new bamboo bike design. Created by Alexander Vittouris,the “ Ajiro” is a bamboo-framed masterpiece providing speed, comfort and style all sustainably. The whole skeleton of this bike is pure bamboo, which is extremely strong, durable and in abundance.

Here in Santa Monica, bikes are hip and people would rather hop on a cruiser than in their car. If these bamboo bikes were made readily available here, they wouldn’t be able to stay in the showroom.


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