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31st October 2012

Bay Area Inspirations: Oasis for Girls – Cultivating Generations of Strong, Empowered, and Creative Women

Oasis for Girls

Oganization: Oasis for Girls

Location: San Francisco, serving girls from the greater Bay Area

Goal: To provide a safe space, where girls and young women are inspired and empowered to become strong and creative leaders in their communities.

Contact Info:

Telephone: (415) 701-7991
Fax: (415) 701-0131 (please call first)
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 As their name implies, Oasis for Girls is source of inspiration, a sanctuary, and an invaluable place of learning for teenaged girls of the bay area. Located in the heart of the SOMA District of San Francisco, Oasis for Girls has been striving to enrich the lives, and empower the young women taking part in their programs, for the last 13 years. Through a comprehensive, three course curriculum addressing the major issues and struggles facing inner city girls, Oasis for Girls does a wonderful job of providing the guidance, caring and support, so vital to making the difficult transition from youth to young adulthood.
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Oasis for Girls offers three, ten week courses, each designed to help cultivate a distinct area of knowledge and creativity. All programs are free of cost, in fact providing a stipend to the participants. Girls who complete all three courses are dubbed “Oasis Divas”, with an opportunity to become a youth staff member and help the girls of the future.
In the Arts and Education Program, where the girls explore their creativity through various  activities of writing, painting, dancing and more. In the Life Skills Program, taught by Megan Hamilton (Quite literally the sweetest woman I’ve ever met), the young ladies learn about and discuss many social and cultural issues ( healthy relationships, drug abuse, positive body image) which can present themselves as huge pitfalls when left unexamined. Through presentations, field-trips and discussion, the girls are able to enlighten themselves on tough issues that can be completely overlooked and neglected. The Technology and Leadership Program teaches skills necessary to integrating into the workforce and higher education, such as resume building, computer skills, interviewing, and applying to college.
Girls 4
Oasis for Girls is a fabulous program, run by dedicated, compassionate women. they’ve improved the lives of hundreds of young women all around the Bay. For more information, or to find out how you can help, feel free to visit their webpage. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you!


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