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19th July 2011

Be a Passionate Expert!

mountain climbing 1280x800Passion in life is important, so much so, that it can make you get up early in the morning with a smile on your face, or go to bed not knowing the time is so late.

Being passionate about life is so important to one’s well being that, I think it could add years to one’s life.

There is an importance of “being in the here and now”, and being happy while in the moment.

The senses become fully alive when you are in bliss.  Awake and aware of your life’s journey, as you enjoy success and realize your potential.

Expertise can be anything a person focuses a lot of their life energy on, but I would say to truly be an expert is when one loves their work and knows it intimately, passionately.

If one doesn’t love what they are doing, are they truly an expert?  Debatable.

When looking for expert advice, look to those who love what they do.  Look to those who do not pass the hours by, but embrace them.

Look for the sparkle in their eyes, for then you know they are engaged with life. You will not only learn about their expertise, but about a way of life that they live which is inspiring.

That is, passion allows for patience, and perseverance when at times one would normally move on, there is an inner motivation to succeed forward.

Giving up is not in ‘passions’ vocabulary, learning is part of the movement of passion.

Make your road to expertise one of passion, and you will live a longer more fulfilling life!

If you have found your life’s passions, then that is wonderful.  If you are still searching, choose to spend your time wisely.  How many rising and setting sun’s we will experience is never known.

Here’s a an example of being passionate that I found on Youtube (Check it out if you like).



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  1. Brian

    I would have gone with 3 wise men!
    But that’s just me.

    I love passion; I think we all have many passions that drive us.
    I think we need many to feel complete.
    We are all complex individuals intertwined with one another, creating something bigger.
    Music, T.V, Movies, Sports, we are all products of our environments.
    Bottom line, taking care of our environment is one of the most important things in life.

    P.S Green drinks is good times, especially in Kelowna!
    I’ll try Vancouver though!

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