Bed bug mattresss1
10th August 2012
New York

Bed Bugs and NYC laws on old mattress disposal

Bed bug mattresss1









As a result of the bed bug epidemic which has been creeping and crawling through this great city of ours for years, NYC law (since December 2010) requires that we properly bag up our old mattresses and box springs before disposing of them curbside.

They are not taking any chances with these easily spread critters and if you don’t follow the rules you will pay for it with a whopping $100 fine! It makes perfect sense given how rampant the bed bug population has become. We can’t even go the movies anymore without the possibility of the fabric covered seats containing one of the dreaded bed bugs. To find a mattress disposal bag check your local home improvement store or hardware stores.

One thing you can do to protect yourself is to make sure you are sleeping on an all natural bed bug resistant Essentia mattress.

Unlike other mattresses made from fibers like wool or cotton, Essentia mattresses are made from all natural latex and the world’s only all natural memory foam giving the pesky bed bugs no where to burrow and build their nests. That’s a comforting thought as you lay your head down to rest; and when you get home from the movies….well, just toss your clothes right into the washing machine!

sleep well 🙂

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