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3rd April 2019
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Benefits of Sleeping on an Adjustable Bed Base

You’ve heard us talk about the importance of making your bedroom a sanctuary, that’s because it’s the space where you spend a full third of your life. If you skimp on the quality of your mattress you’ll likely wind up tossing, turning, possibly even snoring for countless hours, leaving you exhausted morning after morning.

That’s also the reason a one size fits all approach to your sleep won’t do the trick. Your sanctuary and the perfect sleep style looks different for everyone. One of the best upgrades you can make for your bedroom is the base you have your mattress on, an ergonomic adjustable base can be the perfect compliment to your natural memory foam mattress if you’re ready to take sleep wellness to the next level.  

By allowing you to elevate any part of the frame instantly, adjustable bed bases take pressure off your legs or upper body, helping to alleviate chronic back pain, nerve problems, and more.

The health benefits of an adjustable bed are anchored in their ability to shift into a number of shapes based on your unique needs. By supporting the base of the spine, ergonomic beds remove pressure from your back and while supporting your head, delivering optimal comfort. This married with a quality natural memory foam mattress can reduce pressure points throughout your body so blood can flow freely through your veins without risk of oxygen or nutrient deprivation and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Top Three Reasons to Use an Adjustable Bed Base:

Help with Snoring

Snoring and other breathing issues are often caused by airways that don’t fully open. By sleeping more upright, you’ll likely improve airflow through your nasal passages. The more air you get with each breath can improve sleep quality and reduce snoring.

Better Blood Circulation

Sleeping on an ergonomic bed allows you to adjust positions to promote better circulation. These positions such as the zero gravity setting on the Rize adjustable base help to relieve pressure on your circulatory system, ensuring your extremities maintain good circulation all night long.

Reduced Leg Swelling

Swollen legs and ankles are a common problem for many including pregnant women and people with acute kidney disease, heart conditions, and DVT. Not only can swelling be painful, but it tends to get worse during the night-laying flat for hours at a time can increase swelling and inflammation. Using an adjustable bed base allows you to raise your legs as needed, preventing fluids from pooling overnight.

One of the most advanced ergonomic adjustable bed bases is the Rize adjustable base available at Essentia.

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Top features of the Rize adjustable include:

  • Edge to edge adjustable lumbar support means the head section is separated for more range of motion designed to help you find the best way to support your back and relieve pain.
  • Anti-Snore position with once click automatically adjusts your side or your partner’s side of the bed to the best position to reduce snoring at night so everyone can experience a good nights sleep.
  • Zero Gravity Position with the press of a button, improve blood flow, reduce back pain, and feel almost weightless in zero gravity.
  • Incline position allows to adjust your the neck support and lift your feet up for better support and relaxation while you read or watch tv.
  • Exclusive lounge position allows you to lower the legs and take pressure off the lower back.
  • Under bed light features gentle illumination of an LED light in a choice of colors, making nighttime trips to the bathroom easier and also make falling back asleep a breeze as you won’t jar your eyes with bright lights.

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