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16th November 2012
Santa Monica

Black Friday Sale At Essentia Santa Monica

IMG 65342 e1353125548566

Another year has passed and here we are again a week away from The Biggest Sale of The Year, Black Friday Sale!

The term Black Friday first appeared in dictionaries in 1960 to mark the kickoff to the Christmas shopping season. Why “black“? Because back in the days, before Digital Age, accounting records were kept manually: red ink indicated loss, while black represented profit. I, personally, find the idea of camping in front of the store the night before the sale absolutely ludicrous. Why would one trade a warm, cozy evening with the family for a cold night on the street surrounded by inadequate strangers posed to pepper spray your eyes out? And what for? A couple hundred bucks off something you don’t need in the first place? People…

But this is not what Essentia is about! Our intention is not to bring out the worst in people. Quite the opposite.We want you to share

We want you to share Thanksgiving Day with the people you love, talking about issue that interest you over a glass of wine while waiting for that big, juicy bird to come out of the oven. We want you to savor every moment of that day from appetizers to desserts and every bite in between.  And then when you wake up the next morning you don’t need to rush here to the store and elbow your way onto our beds at our Santa Monica Store. No, this is not what Essentia stands for.

We will be here waiting for you (not the other way around) in the serenity of our beautiful space where you can forget about the craziness of the outside world and enjoy the Essentia experience gracefully.

Thank you for believing in what we do…


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