5th August 2009
Green Products

Bottled Water Full of Ethical Win and Packaged in Glass

Bottled water companies have figured out that folks who want to get a little greener have stopped buying their products. Long before they came to this realization, some bottled water companies were already addressing the isssues.

resourceRe source Natural Spring Water
Packaged in glass and available exclusively at Whole Foods. We’d like to see it in wider circulation and think it’s a bit selfish of Whole Foods to keep it all to themselves.

Icelandic Glacial
This company claims to have carbon-neutral water. They also go on about a recyclable PET bottle, but realistically, any bottle is recyclable. The carbon neutral bit is interesting though.

Ethos Water
I’ve always been curious about this water served at Starbucks. Their mission is to provide water to children who need it around the world with the profits from their water. Cool.

If you have to buy bottled water, try to make it one of the brands that are trying to do something either for the environment or for someone else with the proceeds from that water. We don’t all have a Starbucks or a Whole Foods down the street, but here’s hoping that Re-source’s idea of packaging in glass catches on.

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  1. E

    Don’t buy bottled water, it’s the only sensible ecological choice. They drive the price up and only donate less than 3% to charity. Bah! Their nerve to claim they are interested in anything other than profit. The whole donate to charity thing companies do is always just a marketing and PR gimmick.

  2. cal

    not as smart as david or any five year old on this planet but if you do the math like sell a bottle of water from fish lake or sell a wild horse so what if it does not have roal blood i would love to live out my life free with clean water or introduce some roal blood in the area spent seven days out there last year would it be wrong to realize a pure blooded stalion into the chilcotin or to become a rebel with out a cause what about davids daughter get her to sell the water to coke a coke plant that sells just water this is about money gold power if we have to bend then lets bend long term simple fish lake and coke they have the money the indians all get a job the environment stays clean davids daughter becomes the next pm of canada hay she could marry truedo and we would have a king and queen but we should start somewhere

  3. Sri Yantra

    Plastic bottles or glass bottles which is better? Plastic bottles are harmful, that is why use the sustainable glass bottles for water during home and office premises.

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