13th September 2009
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BPA-Free Blenders and Food Processors Coming To A Kitchen Near You

In all the hubbub about BPA free products, a lot of us are still using plastic to make our smoothies and soups. We got to thinking that maybe our butternut squash soup wasn’t as pure as the driven snow as it could be after seeing this post.

So, what’s a mixer to do? While the post gives a higher rating to particular products, you are a little safer if you choose a blender that has a glass jar, even though their other bits may be of the naughty plastic. Food processors with this feature are much more rare, but they do exist. If you don’t want to rampage through the entire post, here are the final recommendations:

All of the following products are BPA, PVC, and pthlalate free:

Beaba Babycook
Not only is this purpose-built to make your own baby food, but it lacks all of the nasty stuff that health advocates have been warning moms off of. A great regift to your pregnant friends and family when you are done with it, or an excellent baby shower gift.

Vita-Mix 5200 Blender
I just want this because it looks like a bulky 70’s blender. Hello retro! Also, according to the website copy, you can “release hidden nutrition”. Who knew. All joking aside, no-BPA is hard to find in a blender, and they’ve got it.

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Food Processor
From bulky to space-age – the Big Mouth is not only BPA-free, but comes with a french-fry disc. If you are currently buying your fries for your family, you’ll save money and preservatives by making your own.

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  1. Valerie

    Hi, can you please confirm for me how/where you verified the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth was BPA-free? I just want to know before I run out and buy a replacement for my toxic food prep tools. Thanks!

  2. Angela

    Hi Valerie:

    The bulk of our info came from this site, which goes beyond the call centres to get solid product info:


  3. Richard

    The hamilton beach big mouth food processor says that it is made from styrene – that’s bad for you too, isn’t it?

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