5th October 2011



The Center for Disease Control released some shocking news recently.  It turns out that there is a direct relation to lung cancer and smoking?  I know, I thought they were making it up too…

California has been battling against smoking for decades, thus keeping me safe from those who are sucking down their daily dose of carcinogens.  I understand that many of our game changing laws have been widely adopted throughout the US, but would you guess that California getting a head start, has allowed our lung cancer rates to drastically affect the entire nation’s numbers?  Men’s lung cancer rates in the West dropped almost 4 percent in a 3 year period, where other not so pro active states saw no decline.

Captain Obvious is probably very proud of me for writing this post, but what about Captain Not So Obvious?  The fact remains that smoking isn’t the only thing that can cause us to get sick.  There are many other products that we use in our every day life that are known to contribute to our lack of health.  An Essentia natural mattress is not the only thing that can help save us from ourselves.

I challenge you, as a contributing member of our society, to help others see the not so obvious.  Trusted Health Products has a great blog that features information about every day products and habits that can be affecting your health.  There are hundreds more sources and products out there, and we would all be grateful to hear what authorities you pay attention to!

Just leave a comment and I will follow up later down the road with a great list of informative sites we can all benefit from!


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