trash island
8th June 2012

Brilliant Come-Up #1: Trash Island Tours

trash island

Brilliant Come-up #1: Trash Island Tours

I’m sure most of you are aware of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The so called Trash Vortex, a flotilla of filth the size of Texas marring the peaceful ocean, maybe the most unsightly stain on the necktie of the human race.

I got to lookin’ at the photos, thinkin’ about the insolence of Man and what kind of world we’re leaving for the children and I just couldn’t help but wonder if something might be done, and then it hit me:

Trash Island Tours!
Two birds with one stone, this is!… Two birds can be killed with a single stone here.
Setup a cruise line going to the Trash Island: 7, 10 and 14 day outings, with some percentage of the profits going towards REMOVAL of said island… I’m assuming with large amounts of chemicals and flame. Just kidding.

“Oh, did you hear? Bob and I are going on the Trash Island Tours!” “Are you really? Good for you, good for you!” Environmentally-minded people will flock from miles around to do their part: Shuffle board, shrimp cocktail, strawberry wine coolers and saving the world, all in 7-14 days! They have fun and the island vanishes. Win-win.

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