Sunkist is sprayed with cancer
26th June 2011
Environmental Health

Cancer Covered Sunkist Oranges at Costco

Sunkist Oranges is sprayed with cancer

One of our employees bought a case of oranges yesterday from the box store wholesale chain, Costco, in a Montreal-area store this weekend. On the box, it said that they were treated to maintain freshness with one or more of the following:

Suspected carcinogen and neurotoxicant

Sodium O-Phenylphenate
Known carcinogen.

Suspected carcinogen, neurotoxicant, immunotoxicant, developmental toxicant, skin or sense organ toxicant.

Why would a company selling nutritious products knowingly spray them with a carcinogen and other highly suspect chemicals? Hopefully we’ll get some answers as both Costco and Sunkist have been contacted. We’ll keep you posted with their response or lack thereof.

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  1. J. Miner

    Hello. Did you ever receive a response? Also, did you consider how much of the spray actually penetrates the orange’s outer layer?

  2. Juice

    Costco nor Sunkist responded to our inquiry. Surprise right? We’re still hopeful that someone will.

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