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5 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

Night sweats can an ongoing issue for some sleepers and can significantly disrupt sleep patterns as a result. Night sweats are characterized by excessive perspiration, which is known as hyperhidrosis, while you are sleeping. Night sweats often worsen during the warmer months of the years,…
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Summer is quickly approaching, and this is the perfect time to start building your own Betterhood! What is the Betterhood you ask? It’s simple… sort of! Essentia makes the world's only natural memory foam. We didn't stop at making the healthiest mattress in the world, we…
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#Support322: Big Changes are Happening!

If you've been following us you know from our last post launching the #Support322 campaign that Jack is currently training to compete in the South Beach Triathlon on April 3rd and we've got some updates for you! Jack has been focusing on dropping the weight, which…
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Managing Alberta’s Wild Horses: A few issues

What’s all the fuss about? While some of the wild horse issues of previous years appear to have been resolved, others are still contentious or indeterminate. There is uncertainty within the general public over a) the requirements for getting a license to capture wild horses,…