Glass Bottle 2

DIY: Upcycling Projects 101

Upcycling means converting waste material into something of value; giving a piece of “trash” a new life. In a world filled with waste, recycling is good… but upcycling is even better. Upcycling projects involve producing something that adds value to an otherwise useless or non…
Contemporary Indoor House Plants

Clean your Air with these Filtering Plants!

Plants don't just make your home look beautiful and natural, they'll actually help to improve the quality of your home's air. With all of the toxins and VOC's in the air thanks to your bleach, detergents, laminated floors, paints, new furniture and memory foam mattresses…

Planting an Herb Garden for the City-Dweller!

Planting An Herb Garden for the City-Dweller Even though Mother Nature hasn't told the snowflakes yet, technically its Spring--the perfect time to start thinking about making things bloom.  Aside from being a homespun way to get your herbs that ensures quality control, planting an indoor herb garden…