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2007 Toyota RiN 01

A Look at the World’s First Organic Car

The world is going organic, with more and more being made according to healthy, organic standards. We've had organic clothes, organic food, organic baby products, and even organic beds for years, but now we've got a new addition to the ranks of the organic products:…
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Do “Gas Saving Devices” Really Work?

There are many devices marketed as "fuel saving devices" - meaning they'll cut your fuel consumption while helping your motor work more efficiently. These have been hugely popular, and they've sold like hotcakes. But are the manufacturers of these devices just taking advantage of an…
ncdubs 918 spyder 2

New Porsche Supercar Is A Hybrid

The porsche 918 spyder will be direct competition for the mercedes sls amg electric and audi r8 etron. This new porsche will be the fastest production porsche ever made and feature hybrid technology. Porsche has set a goal of 7 minutes 14 seconds around the nurburgring.

Heavy Snow And Your Furnace

The heavy snow that we're getting right now can mean problems for the efficiency of your furnace.  Many furnaces shut off in the winter when their air intake pipes are blocked by heavy snow. Before panicking and calling a technician for what is sure to…