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Crazy Environmental Damage Protests

We all want to protect the planet and reduce the damage that is being done to it every day. For most people, our efforts usually go no further than separating our organic and non-organic trash or recycling our waste. You'd be surprised what some people…
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Embracing Simplicity

Especially in cosmopolitan cities we see a constant desire for “more.” The assumption being that excess is the ideal.  Manhattan, with its skyscrapers, crowed shops, and glittering runways, is the poster child for materialism.  Just walk down the street on trash night; the mountains of…
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New Porsche Supercar Is A Hybrid

The porsche 918 spyder will be direct competition for the mercedes sls amg electric and audi r8 etron. This new porsche will be the fastest production porsche ever made and feature hybrid technology. Porsche has set a goal of 7 minutes 14 seconds around the nurburgring.

Wear Fruit on Your Face Instead of Makeup!

You can now wear home made makeup which is organic and friendly to the environment! The video below is pretty interesting if you ask me! Let me know what your thoughts are about this eco-friendly concept in the comments section. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNqZsAFXhZ0