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Dylans first post

The Green Lifestyle Store

In 2008 Green Cricket was established in Toronto.  Their main goal is to bring quality green products to mainstream consumers in a convenient and fun way. The offer a huge variety of green homecare products along with an explanation as to why they are green…

New Biodegradable Packaging available in Toronto

New Biodegradable is a company which provides the food industry with natural fiber containers, cups, utensils and plates.  Their items are inexpensive, environmentally friendly and compostable. New Biodegradable would love to see a not far off future without the conventional plastic and paper food containers.…
plastic bag

Is Plastic Really Nature’s Enemy?

Everyone knows there is a huge consensus of reducing the use of plastic in order to lower our eco-footprint. Plastic bags are a huge nuisance by clogging up storm drains, creating litter, tangling recycling equipment and threatening wildlife on land or at sea. It's gotten…