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Turn Your Self-Isolation Into a Staycation!

We’re starting the 4th month of 2020 in a precarious situation, it feels like we’re living in a Hollywood blockbuster and even though it's technically April 1st this isn’t a joke. By now, we’ve all been practicing self-isolation and social distancing for 12 days and…
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How the Winter Blues Affect Your Sleep

The weather is colder, the days are shorter and this is the time you can struggle to maintain a happy, healthy mindset… much less getting the high-quality sleep our bodies need to truly rest and recover so we can conquer our day. You spend so…
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Essentia’s Holiday Gift Guide!

The average person spends roughly a third of their life sleeping. Whether or not they're getting quality sleep is a different story. If you can't quite figure out gifts your friends and family will actually use while they're awake, giving them something that will improve…