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Do Latex Mattresses Dry Out?

Jim From Calgary asked........ A mattress vendor in Calgary indicated to us that a latex mattress does not last long and becomes brittle in a dry climate such as Calgary. Would this be a potential concern in regards to your mattresses? Answer: Unfortunately, this vendor,…
angry baby

Is Memory Foam Safe for a Baby?

Question: Michelle from didn't leave a city asks..... "Would you have any information regarding what type of memory foam is used in an infant product designed to elevate and secure an infant from birth to six months in the crib as described in One Step…
nfl mattress

Is Essentia Endorsed by NFL?

Question from Catherine in Atlanta: "An article on FurnitureToday.com says the NFL is endorsing Essentia mattresses. My husband is an ex football player. Why are your mattresses suited for him?" Answer: I don’t know anything about any NFL endorsements but many athletes do sleep on…