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Banff National Park

Alberta’s Three National Parks!

One of the best parts of living in Alberta is our "three" National Parks! If you had a weekend available, you could visit Banff National Park, which is world-renowned and has the Columbia Icefields, and of course, Lake Louise.   This picture was found on…

Desiderata – Essential Things

  "Desiderata", the poem, is one of my favourites. Desiderata is Latin and means "'things that are yearned for', which in the context of the poem more closely means 'essential things'”.   With poetry, we touch the heart, expressing ideas and feelings that really matter to…

Apps Like GoodGuide Help you Lead a Greener Life

[youtube][/youtube] Smartphones and tablets are great for staying connected and helping to manage your life. Thanks to useful and informative apps, they can also help you make your life more eco-friendly. GoodGuide can help with making socially and ecologically responsible choices while shopping. Labels can…