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Sustainable Labels With Tree-Free Paper, Made With 100% Wind Power, and 100% Biodegradable – Yes You Can!

[youtube][/youtube] Organic Trader Canada was a little disgruntled when they called nearly every printing company in North America to try to find a label that was made as sustainably as they would like it. At every corner, they got "couldn't be done", "this is impossible…

Golf Tournament Finalists

The Imagine 11 Golf Tournament Finalist are in. It's time to vote! Vote by leaving a comment to this post below. Include: 1) Your name 2) The name of the person you are voting for. Here are the Finalists. - Alain Picard - Arcangelo Colomba…

Organic and Hemp Clothing

One of the things holding most people back from purchasing organic clothing is the price tag.  On some of the sites that we've pulled together for you, a top costs nothing more ($24.95) than it would at any other online store.  In addition, organic and…

Sustainable Wood Bed Frames

Is there any better pairing for your Essentia mattress than a sustainable wood bed frame?  We don't think so.  Here are a few that we found for you: Asian Style Handcrafted Bed Frame Piano 3 Bed Frame Furnature
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Organic Toilet Paper

When you say "recycled toilet paper", many things come to mind.  Most of them are not pleasant.  However, "organic toilet paper" sounds very nice, so we'll stick with that. Seventh Generation, the wonder company known for their eco-diapers, cleaners, and garbage bags, also bring you…