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Discover Your Perfect Essentia Pillow

Finding your perfect pillow is almost as difficult as finding the perfect mattress, and in all honestly most pillows won’t feel perfect unless you are sleeping on a great mattress. Thankfully, we offer amazing organic mattresses and some pretty cool memory foam pillows to boot…
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The NEW Dormeuse Fior by Essentia

It’s always exciting for us to develop new products and processes. The status quo is just never acceptable which is what gives Essentia real depth. Since we’re always testing new formulations to keep our edge, we often make improvements and the New Dormeuse Fior falls…

Why Natural Hevea Rubber is Awesome

All Essentia beds and many other latex mattresses are made with a natural latex called Hevea rubber. The tree that is the source of Hevea rubber is called “Hevea Brasiliensis”. This lacticiferous plant supplies practically all of the world’s natural rubber through plantations mostly found in…
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