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Best Pho, Ramen, Hot and Sour Soup!

It’s that time of year again, when having Soup is a necessary part of my lunch break! Brrrr.  It sure is cold out, nothing like a warm bowl of… hmmm what to have today? You can find many different international soups in Vancouver, that is,…
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Next Up … Public Phone Sex?

I never was much of a phone guy, so when cell phones started to become commonplace, I wasn’t all that excited. But, out of necessity, more than anything, I caved. I was used to, after all, packing a pager for my various agents and bosses.…
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The Myths Of Sleeping On Your Tummy

Are you a Stomach Sleeper? Over the coming weeks, I will be asking Dunbar Physio's Peter Curtain pertinent questions about Stomach Sleeping and posting his informative answers on here for you to read! Below you'll find our first two Sleep Q & A's!!! Peter Curtain,…
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How many Landfills are there in Canada?

We are a society that has a talent for producing waste, yet we don’t even know truly how many landfills we have in Canada. Do you know how many landfills we have in Canada, even roughly?  Take a guess. The rough answer was found on…
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Be a Passionate Expert!

Passion in life is important, so much so, that it can make you get up early in the morning with a smile on your face, or go to bed not knowing the time is so late. Being passionate about life is so important to one’s…
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