20th March 2011
Green Products

CBC Marketplace Scores Another Win With Great Greenwashing Episode


CBC Marketplace has scored another win for greenies by exposing false “natural” and “organic” claims made by major manufacturers. With many of the specific products they looked at, there was no guarantee as to how much of the product was “natural”, and the products with the label were 25% or more expensive.

Organic Huggies were particularly interesting -they can’t tell consumers how much of the diaper is composed of organic cotton. They could easily be using a method known as “angel dusting”, where a very low percentage of the product is actually composed of the advertised item. In fact, in all the cases where CBC contacted the manufacturers, they were unable to tell the percentage of the product that was “natural”, in some cases stating that it was proprietary information.

Even Seventh Generation gets a lousy label for its chlorine-free diapers. All diapers are, essentially, chlorine-free. They have just used the label and dyed the diapers brown to make them look more eco.

Here’s the episode here if you want to watch it online.

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  1. lida currie

    I am disapointed that companies are showing such a lack of integrity re their products. At present I am not buying products from companies, that I can grow or make my self. I am activey suggesting that people not buy from these large conpanies. It is my own small campaign. I think that as we become more active these companies will start to feel the affects on their income. That is the only thing they understand. I could not believe the response fron the cosmetic representative. The sleazy suggestion he made trying to hand the responsiblity to the consumer was so blatantly dishonest I could hardly tolerate. Down with the cosmetic industry Lets start a campagn to cause their demise.
    People want less government control. However these large companies are playing a sleasy, decietful game. So guess what our only line of defense is to impose government control, which is brought about by these companies. I do not respect this type of action and will activly educate people to the best of my ability not to suport these companies in any way. Thank you for pointing out their decitful operational actions.

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