Northern Lights Churchill1
18th August 2012

Charlie Tucker’s Must-See Wonders of the World!

Number 1: The Yukon’s Northern Lights.

Before Charlie could ask why these northern lights were so special, his dad clarified with, “The unusual phenomena of the northern lights is one of our world’s natural wonders… “Wow, we are going to be stargazing and seeing lights in the sky, and they dance and make noise above our heads?” Charlie queried, almost disbelieving.

Northern Lights Churchill1


Number 2: The Arctic Icecaps

“I can see why we need to look after and value this part of our world, mom and dad.  There are so many species that depend on this type of habitat, and they love the colder weather!” Charlie said, leaning against his parents to keep warm.

polar bears

 Number 3: Stonehenge

The guide continued in his English accent, “Still others claim Stonehenge is a huge sundial. These are all theories, of course. Nothing is for certain, but many people have used their imaginations to try to figure out how such large rocks could have come to rest and stand on this plot of land.”


Number 4: The Great Wall of China

“Gosh, I can see the wall from here. It’s huge, isn’t it, Ava?” Charlie said, looking at his friend who was kneeling beside him, as she looked out the window of the cable car at the Wall, too.

Great Wall of China Pictures


Number 5: The Great Barrier Reef in Australia

“Welcome aboard the Mermaid by the Reefs. She’s a swell old lady who is known to give her passengers a swell of an adventure,” the captain said in a deep voice accompanied by a soft chuckle.


Number 6: Waitomo’s Glowworm Caves in New Zealand 

As they entered the cave, the temperature seemed to drop a couple of degrees, and it felt a bit damp. A peaceful quietness overcame everyone as they adjusted their eyes and looked around, and then everyone started to see the glowworms!


Number 7: The Ngorongoro Crater in Africa

“Those are real pink flamingos,” the pilot said, as he banked the plane gently around so he could circle the Magadi Lake’s perimeter for Charlie and his family. The sight of thousands of pink flamingos seemed to create a ribbon of pink around one corner of the lake.

shutterstock 93296998

Number 8: The Amazon Rainforest and Amazon River

 “Yep, they have pink dolphins in the Amazon River. If we are lucky, we will see one in the next day-and-a-half,” Mrs. Tucker replied.



Number 9: The Grand Canyon

“Once upon a time, Charlie, there was a family of fuzzy packrats.  Little adorable rats that liked to collect items as they scurried around.  It’s just that if the little rat found a better item he’d quickly drop his old item.” Mrs. Tucker said while taking a breath to continue.

* All of the quotes above each picture are from The Adventures of Charlie Tucker Children’s Series.


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