child labour05d
14th September 2009

Child Labour Still Commonly Used for Colombian Coffee, Egyptian Cotton, More: US Department of Labour

child labour05d

In many countries all over the world, children are being used as cheap workers in commodities that we use every day. The US Department of Labour recently published a list of the products that were most likely to be products of child and forced labour and which countries they came from so that consumers could make an attempt to avoid such products. Products and countries that used both child and/or forced labour were:

– Garments from Argentina
– Yerba Mate tea from Argentina
– Gold and Cotton from Burkina Faso
– Bamboo, bricks, jade, rubber and rice from Burma
– Cotton, electronics, and fireworks from China
– Colombian coffee
– Egyptian cotton
-Rice, leather, and silk from India

The list is far too long to reproduce in its entirety, but I would encourage all of you to download it and give it a read.

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  1. Audrey A.

    I’m sad for him… this pictures make me feel sad

  2. Katie

    this is awful. we have got to put a stop to child labour. We have got to think, would we want this to be us? Well, I certainly wouldn’t and these children have no choice but to work for these companies. it’s a disgrace. I am ashamed of companies like Nike, Reebok and Adidas.

    We have got to stop this child labour, and if no-one else will, then I will.

  3. Jack .A

    Wow a very sad picture really makes a person understand what child labour is doing to this world and how children are being forced to work WE MUST PUT A END TO THIS

  4. bob

    child labour is a crime, i believe, this picture made me begin to think about what these young kids are going through, please stop child labour

  5. Jess

    Our Children and all that rests in the bosom of nature are OUR RESPONSIBILITY. Innocent beings, children and animals are sacrificed for greed…for MATERIAL GRATIFICATION. If we each let go of illusory pleasures, there will be no greed and no destruction of beautiful things. – JGL

    Those that meet out rage and hatred to kindness and compassion, are guilty and narrow minded, and inevitably supporters of cruelty. – JGL

  6. Hannah

    I don’t know why all of you think he is unhappy. He looks very happy and content with his life is you ask me. So why are you trying to change it?

  7. Roberto

    There is nothing more discusting than people from the governments that ignore child labour. A sickness that is in the english blood of materialistic edonistic rich and powerful pigs. And those who are going around with democratic flags of love are not any better when they hide behind political agenda of irrilevant national problems and a false hope of Jesus using important and beautiful women as flag carriers of a democratic witch making them forget about this real problem.

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