15th March 2011
Energy Conservation

Chipotle is Green


Yum just hearing the name makes my bottle lip quiver and my mouth salivate. Chipolte is one of those places that you don’t have to feel guilty about going to. Chipotle uses natural meats, hormone-free chicken, and uses a significant amount of organic beans (25-30%). It also strives to source some ingredients locally and seasonally.

Chipotle has a LEED platinum certified location, with all of its chains having  “green” in mind. For example Chipotle offers environmentally friendly utensils which biodegrade naturally.

Chipotle has over 1,000 locations across the US that make about $1.8 billion in annual revenue.Chipotle remains one of the greenest fast food chains in the US. So now you can eat fast food with less guilt, knowing the environment and food stay fresh!

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