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6th July 2011

Chocolate Almonds Serve a Higher Purpose!

IMG01316 20110706 1401I had a great experience today, and I thought I would share it with you…

A confident young man named Ronald came into my store today with Chocolate Almonds!

I love chocolate, and chocolate-covered almonds are even better.

It made my day.

You see, these aren’t just any chocolate-covered almonds.

These chocolate almonds are part of a long-running program called “Youth Development Sales,” whereby youth in our community can assert themselves and sell these almonds to the public, thereby being constructive during after-school hours.  The young people work on commission and gain valuable business experience, while avoiding some less constructive alternatives.

Being young, and a teenager, is tough, and with all of the recreational drugs and issues you face when in this age group, it is great there are healthier alternatives.

I, myself, sold Chocolate Almonds on Vancouver Island over a decade ago, and the box that these almonds come in doesn’t seem to have changed!  If I do recall correctly, I helped fund my sister’s band trip by selling these almonds.

Now, while this young man was in my store, I had the opportunity to ask him some interesting questions about his job.

To sum up our conversation, this is what he mentioned about selling these Chocolate Almonds.

He said he’d been working for this company for 3-4 years now, and had originally gotten involved after finding the job posting in the newspaper.

He had been an acting student, but wanted to work on being more outspoken and outgoing.  As well, he liked the incentive factor: if he worked hard, he would earn more. While working for this company, he said that he had met many different people, and in the future, he would like to pursue an entrepreneurial career.

My last question that I asked him was if he ever had a story that stood out while he was selling these delicious chocolate almonds.

His reply: he’d been outside a liquor store, and a couple of people came out that were definitely going to have a party.  They purchased 28 boxes of chocolate almonds!

Thanks, Ronald, for stopping into our Essentia store today, and selling me a box of Chocolate Almonds with a good cause behind them.

Bottom line, it’s inspiring when young people are active in their communities and take charge of their futures.


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  1. gardener

    Buying and eating Chocolate is not a sustainable choice.

  2. Ronald N.

    Oh wow! when I walked in with my white bag of chocolates, never for a second, would I have thought the experience would be transcribed onto a blog. Thank-you have a great summer!

  3. CookieMonster

    gardener, it depends on where the chocolate is from and how it is reproduced. Not all chocolate is made with child labor and pollutes the environment. Anyways, props to Ronald for creative a positive impact in his community!

  4. gardener

    Cacao beans only grow in the equatorial climates, can not be local. And cacao is hand-harvested, so require a lot of cheap labors may be include child labors. And this chocolate is factory processed, so environmentally harmful waste, and high amounts of materials and energy usage. And for the highest profits and commission, I don’t think they will do fair-trade.

    • Richard

      please..please…enough of the too green to be real attitude.
      Child labor for example…many of us see it as exploitation when in fact the children working in these jobs get paid something like 23 x as much as if they were in the fields picking scrap sugar cane for virtually nothing.

      Many people dont realize that as meagre as these jobs appear to be…they are almost the only way to step out of the shadows of the local landlords / warlords…and start to move towards some form of self sufficiency..and one day towards a form of emancipated middle class…instead of what they mostly exist in today….essentially serfdom…

      the same goes for Nike and Addidas factories in Africa…that so many ill informed activists have chased out of some areas….then offering the “freed” workers nothing in return..that will pay the rates they just lost..

  5. Nancy

    A nice young man came to our shop selling these chocolate almonds. I bought 2 boxes as I like to help young people. When I opened each box I was shocked to see that each box held less then half a box of almonds. This is not a very good way to get support as I will certainly not be buying any more.

  6. Richard

    Hi Crystal,

    It is great that you have an open heart and a good experience with this program.
    Having said that, I had a young man come to my office recently and give me the sales pitch.
    I was safe from purchase as I only had a debit card but I must admit that I was a bit suspicious of the organization given that minimum information is provided on the back of the box..not even a phone number..but more importantly, no information about the associations affiliations, past projects funded, target projects to be funded this year, no BBB accreditation, simply no information of any kind including a picture ID the young man should carry, which clearly identifies some form of a charity certification by the city or the government…not a thing.

    Now dont get me wrong, I commended the young man on his approach and certainly encouraged him in learning all the skills necessary in becoming a successful business community member at such a young age.
    but I took the address information on the back of the box and wrote a short inquiry as to the nature of the charity……still waiting for a reply.

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