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4th September 2013
Environmental Health

Consequences of Global Warming: Which Countries are Most Affected?

Global warming is something that the world has been afraid of for the last decade or so, though many people scoff at it. With politicians like Al Gore placing more focus on the issue, people are realizing that it really is a problem – not just some “Doomsday” prediction made by eco-nuts.

But how is it affecting the world in a real, tangible way?


The Sahara

The Sahara Desert is expanding upwards of a mile each year, as rainfall in African countries like Sudan is down 30%. The climate change is actually believed to be a factor in the local conflicts.




The nation has been the victim of increased flooding as a result of global warming, causing massive destruction of crops and homes – as well as the spread of disease.



The Land Down Under has suffered from massive, terrible forest fires since the 1950s, but the fact that the temperature has been rising yearly since the mid-20th century is believed to be a factor in the worsening of the fires. In addition, the Great Barrier Reef is suffering as a result of warmer ocean temperatures – as the warm temperature is causing the coral to turn colorless.



The Carribean

There may not be many pirates roaming the seas, but that doesn’t mean the ravages have stopped. The criminal of today: hurricanes – the result of global warming. With the seas warming up, hurricanes are more powerful than ever. It is believed that there are more hurricanes in the Atlantic today than there have been in the last millennia.



Where Siberian winters were once famous for their -50 C weather, the temperature is just reaching a mild -30 C. The permafrost in the northern Siberian regions is melting, causing homes in the Arctic region to be damaged.



The above-mentioned figures date back from 2009, and have surely not improved since. One can only imagine how the consequences of global warming have affected our earth in the last four years.
What’s your part to play in fighting global warming?

  • Reduce your use of fossil fuels
  • Reduce waste
  • Plant trees
  • Save water

It may not seem like a big investment on your part, but it would make a huge difference if everyone on the planet made even a small effort!

What do you do to be eco-friendly and help reduce global warming? Please share your tips in the comments below!

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