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11th December 2011
Alternative Energy

Coolest Electric Motorcycle EVER!

tumblr lrzmtjjjwX1qzz9rr

If you like motorcycles and science fiction, you’ll love the Parker Brothers. They’ve created a real life Tron Lifecycle that’s both road legal and electric. Yes, I said electric, this bad boy can cruise up to 100 miles on a single charge and be fully charged in just half an hour.

Don’t let this bikes good looks fool you into thinking it’s just another movie prop, the LifeCycle means business, capable of speeds in excess of 100mph. Now 100mph may not seem that fast for a top speed, but 100mph while in a plank position probably feels like 200mph.

Now the bad news is the electric version of this bike is still a prototype but there is a production bike for sale at Hammacher that uses a gas engine. Never the less, vehicles that push the boundaries of design, while incorporating the needs of the environment always win in my book.

Check out how amazing it looks at night!




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