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18th August 2013
Environmental Health

Crazy Environmental Damage Protests

We all want to protect the planet and reduce the damage that is being done to it every day. For most people, our efforts usually go no further than separating our organic and non-organic trash or recycling our waste.

You’d be surprised what some people have done as a protest for environmental damage:

Weird Name Change — One woman decided that Jennifer Thornburg wasn’t a good enough name, so she changed it to CutOut in order to protest schools’ habits of dissecting animals. Let’s see if her name change makes a difference, or just makes introducing herself at dinner dates a bit awkward.9.5x11.5 new text

Sticky Solution — In order to make his protest stick, one young man named Dan Glass had the bright idea to glue himself to the Prime Minister of England, Gordon Brown. The application of superglue to his hand immediately before shaking the Prime Minister’s hand resulted in about 30 minutes of face time, which thankfully the Prime Minister took in good humor.

Sexy Protesting — As a complaint against the Victoria’s Secret’s catalogue mailing – which sends out upwards of 1 million catalogues per day – activist group ForestEthics had their models pose in Victoria’s Secret’s lingerie. The only difference with this catalogue was that models held chain saws. The result: Limited Brands (the parent company of Victoria’s Secret) agreed to stop printing their catalogues on paper made from the Canadian Boreal forests.

Tiny Protesting — When Legoland showed off their replica of the Kingsworth Power Plant, there were some 1-inch LEGO figures protesting the damage being done to the planet. As the LEGO protestors unfurled their banner – complete with “Stop Climate Change” written in LEGO-sized letters – the LEGO police watched from the ground.

Hair of the Cat — As a protest against factory farming, three Danish students butchered, cooked, and ate a wild cat. While they insisted that their preparation of Garfield du jour was humane, all that happened was the deletion of their Facebook profiles.

Chest Hair-ison Ford — Hollywood superstar Harrison Ford used his chest as a protest against deforestation and the greenhouse gases resulting from burning the land. He harvested (waxed) “an acre” of his chest hair on live TV, a painful protest that definitely got a response!Harrison-Ford-Enders-Game

It’s amazing the lengths that people will go to in order to protest the damage to the planet. At least they care enough to do these crazy things, right?

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