Uh Oh Face1
23rd January 2012

Cruise Control Your Way Into A Hydroplane Spaceship!

Uh Oh Face1

My favorite feature on a car has to be cruise control.  The beauty of that is just about every car provides “CC” as a standard feature.  So no matter what I am driving; my car, rental, friends car, anything, I have cruise control at my disposal.  The only downside to Cruise Control is my dependence on it.   It has recently started raining here in the Bay Area, and that means its time to switch the good ol’ CC to off.

A lot of people aren’t aware that during the rainy season, it is more than dangerous to drive with CC.  Those that are aware, often times aren’t clear on why exactly that is.  I was the latter until last year when I pulled up my trusty google, and asked the ever so important question.

I found out that the culprit is our good friend Mr. Hydroplane.  Hydroplaning is when your car goes Jesus style and decides to walks on water.  This causes the speed of your car to slow, and your good friend CC doesn’t like that.  So in an effort to get you back up to speed, CC guns the engine and WAHOOO!!!  Well, maybe only wahoo for a few feet until you realize that your car is out of control and in the air at 65+ mph (speeding is bad) and yep, you are about to run into something solid.

So while my right foot’s stamina is lacking, it is worth the extra strain to keep my car from launching me into a a hospital bed.  I hope you agree, and I won’t be seeing you in my rearview mirror with an UH OH face, like the one above.


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