2nd March 2020

Beat the Daylight Savings Time Hangover: 4 Tips!

This weekend we will be springing forward! Even though the clocks change by only an hour during Daylight Savings Time, we find that you can definitely feel the difference. This seems to be especially true when springing forward, we lose an hour of the day and most often that hour is taken from our time sleeping. If you’re already somewhat sleep-deprived, giving up just one hour of sweet sleep can negatively impact how you feel and function during the day.

In fact, many sleep experts say that losing that hour of sleep because of daylight savings time can affect us for around 48 hours, meaning come Monday, you may be dreaming of resting your head on your keyboard for a quick nap. To prevent a groggy, irritable start to next week, we put together 4 simple tips to help beat daylight savings time jet lag. 

4 Tips to Beat Daylight Savings Time Hangover:

  • Change your sleep habits: After springing forward it can feel like a bit of a daylight savings time hangover, but maybe you recognize that you don’t have a sleep schedule at all and your sleep habits need a full overhaul.  Start thinking about establishing a set time to begin your bedtime routine as well as a regular bedtime. A proper sleep schedule can have its advantages like waking up naturally and never having to hit that snooze button!
  • Start preparing: Going to sleep and waking up 30 minutes earlier over the weekend can prepare you for that early morning jolt come Monday. Once you wake up over the weekend, try to get some sunlight as soon as possible for extra energy.
  • Take a hot shower at night: Try taking a hot shower before bed and then getting into a cool bed. That ritual will mimic the day-to-night process, which may help guide you to sleep.
  • Make the most of your sleep time on a performance mattress: When the time you spend asleep is limited you need to be sure you are making the most of the hours you are asleep on a proper mattress. Essentia mattresses are the only to address all 6 key elements for wholebody body recovery including offering a clean air environment, are allergy friendly and sleeping cool. All of this adds up to you falling asleep faster, and staying in those crucial REM stages of sleep longer.

Do you have any tips to beat the daylight savings time hangover? Share with us in the comments!

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