Dazed and Confused Mattress Shopping
2nd December 2020
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Dazed & Confused? Navigate the Mattress Shopping Chaos with the Clear Choice: Essentia!

We get it, mattress shopping right now is difficult. There is a lot of noise and it can be very overwhelming to know what the right direction is. Let us help you understand why Essentia organic mattress outperforms the rest, and at the very least give you a blueprint of what you should be considering when mattress shopping today.

Mattress Shopping 101: Why is Essentia Organic Mattress the Clear Choice?

Beyond Organic Screen Shot 2020 12 01 at 4.43.59 PM

Beyond Organic is our self-managed initiative that is at the core of all Essentia product designs and processes. Our mattresses at Essentia are, and always have been, far beyond organic. The products and components are thoughtfully designed and sourced for clean, ethical, and life replenishing sleep.

Fact: Chemicals are routinely used in Certified Organic Mattresses.

Being true to our “Beyond Organic” values, Essentia products are always Vegan and Cruelty-Free, our old world methodologies are not easy but they are the right way to assure the purest possible outcome to preserve clean and healthy indoor air quality while achieving the highest recovery performance and sleep benefits ever.

GOLS & GOTS Certified Organic Factory

Screen Shot 2020 12 01 at 4.44.11 PMA GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory is a much larger undertaking than a certified product, however, it is a management choice that assures that our values are upheld from farm to bedroom. The scope of a certified organic factory is way more than just using organic components, it assures that we only encourage responsible, safe, and fair trade farming to start.

It also assures that the components are managed and transported in a responsible, clean manner and kept in their organic state. It assures that the managing, logging, storing, and transformation of these precious components are well documented, safely stored, and clear from any potential contamination. It means tracking their transformation to a finished product in a safe and healthy environment for our factory workers. Most importantly it assures that a clean, healthy product is delivered to you in a mindful manner assuring the best environmental outcomes. This is our starting point at Essentia…

Performance Sleep Screen Shot 2020 12 01 at 4.44.38 PM

Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced! Essentia was founded on the principle that sleep heals. Our mission has been to develop formulas and design products that take this idea to new heights. Our work over the years has set the sleep environment that assists in quick recovery through deeper sleep. Every design iteration of an Essentia mattress has pushed the limit of what was possible through sleep.

When our journey began we addressed recovery for illness, but through the years we’ve emerged as the leader in recovery for performance. We focus on all key elements required for next level sleep and how it impacts both physical and mental recovery, reduces stress and anxiety, and creates a state of happiness.

Beyond Comfort

Screen Shot 2020 12 01 at 4.45.00 PMThe foundation of comfort is not subjective. At Essentia we study comfort and understand that comfort is an ongoing progression and relies on many factors. At its most obvious is the cradling comfort that you first notice on a mattress that you like, however, there are many factors that assure lasting comfort. For starters, the density and durability of that level of comfort.
Most mattresses are built with lightweight fibers that do not offer support, and their comfort is short-lived due to density. Making a long term purchase decision should involve determining if the product will be consistent for years. At Essentia comfort is obvious on our high density, high elasticity, cradling surfaces. However, it is the spinal support, the pressure redistribution, temperature regulation, and non-toxic environment that truly delivers overnight comfort and develops the outcomes that are needed from sleep.

Naturally, Sleep Up to 7 Degrees CoolerScreen Shot 2020 12 01 at 4.45.20 PM

Sleeping cool is one of the key elements of healthy sleep. But this commonly marketed feature is too loosely advertised by most mattress companies. The most popular and commonly used methods are phase changing chemicals, however, these fall short. A micro-encapsulated phase changing chemical inserted into a mattress fabric will give you an immediate chemical reaction with a cooling sensation, however, within minutes that sensation is gone and requires you to toss and turn to find new cool spots.
This is effective for the awake mind, but not for the central nervous system’s journey through your sleep cycles. A proper temperature regulating mattress has only been achieved through Essentia’s patented core. It offers a dynamic constant drop in temperature throughout the night. This dynamic and constant temperature drop allows for longer deep sleep cycles which are key in effective sleep for wellness and recovery.

Handmade with Love for You

Screen Shot 2020 12 01 at 4.45.28 PMSourcing straight from the farm is critical to getting you the highest quality components and as the leading manufacturer of latex in North America, we reserve full crops in order to assure quick delivery times for our customers. However, our passion is demonstrated in the transformation into the finished product. Here is where we continue to not take short cuts and assure consistent quality organic practices that deliver the best performing, and the healthiest, mattress possible. Our process is old school, individually formulated, not the easy way, but the right way. We take pride in every stage of our cycle and are committed to consistently delivering the very best to you.
We hope that this gives you some food for thought while mattress shopping. There are some key things to remember when choosing what you will be sleeping on for the next 10, 15 and if you go with Essentia over 20 years! Don’t let the chaos of mattress shopping today get you down, if you have any questions our helpful sleep experts are here to help, just jump on chat and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have while going on your mattress shopping journey.

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