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9th July 2013
Alternative Energy

Did Nikola Tesla Really Discover “Free Energy”?


Nikola Tesla is the subject of a great deal of controversy, as many claim that he invented the light bulb, wireless communication devices, and more.

The Serbian inventor has made his mark on the world in many ways, thanks to his work on X-rays and the myriad electrical devices he created.

(See this comic on Nikola Tesla by Matt Inman…)

But did Nikola Tesla discover “free energy”?

The Electromagnetic Current Tower

Nikola Tesla determined that the sun was more than just light – he figured it was a ball of pure energy. The energy had a positive electrical charge, and the earth has a negative charge. Tesla was fascinated by this relationship, and he determined to harness the radio magnetic waves flowing between the sun and the earth.tesla 001

His Colorado lab was home to many experiments, such as producing and discharging lightning bolts up to 135 feet in length. He created a tower – an electromagnetic current tower that was designed to tap into the power he knew was running between the earth and the sun. According to his personal diaries, it seemed that he was able to generate a limited amount of energy using these radio waves.

Now, if you read books like the Nikola Tesla Secret, you’ll hear about how large companies like J.P. Morgan found this “free energy” a threat to their business, and so they had the tower dismantled and the plans locked up in the U.S. Patent Office for decades. “Only now has it been revealed,” the marketing websites will say, with the goal of getting you to buy their ebook.mexico_solar_energy

The studies done into the work by Nikola Tesla show that his generator was only able to produce a very limited amount of energy using these radio waves.

There’s nothing like the “massive energy-producing potential” claimed by these ebook sellers, but Nikola Tesla certainly was onto something.

With a lot more research into this amazing electrical relationship between the sun and the Earth, who knows what sort of energy potential this discovery may have?!

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