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6th January 2016
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Discover Your Perfect Essentia Pillow

Finding your perfect pillow is almost as difficult as finding the perfect mattress, and in all honestly most pillows won’t feel perfect unless you are sleeping on a great mattress. Thankfully, we offer amazing organic mattresses and some pretty cool memory foam pillows to boot that will help you achieve next level sleep.

Thankfully, we also offer amazing mattresses and some pretty cool pillows to boot that will help you achieve next level sleep.

One of the questions we get asked the most is: which pillow is right for me? This is always the hardest question to answer, as there are so many variables that go in to play when choosing a pillow.

We decided to break down the difference between each of our pillows to help you pick the one that fits your lifestyle best.

The softer side of Essentia pillows:

There are 2 of our pillows models that best fit the “soft” category, which are our Comfort pillow and Swayback pillow.


The thinnest pillow in our range, the Swayback is made entirely of natural latex, which gives it a softer, more bouncy feel. This pillow is great if you have been on the hunt for a thin, yet supportive pillow. We generally recommend this one for stomach and back sleepers but it would also work great for a side sleeper that is looking for delicate neck support. While most of our pillows are very large, this would be the only option suitable for a child as it isn’t too thick.

Sway-Back-Image          Sway


Our only pillow model available in both queen and king size, the Comfort pillow is fluffy but still supportive. Made of shredded natural memory foam and shredded natural latex the Comfort pillow allows you to poof it up and move around as you see fit. Unlike a feather pillow, the Comfort pillow does keep its shape and substance making it soft but not overly so. This is a great option for stomach, back and side sleepers and is more reminiscent of a traditional pillow shape.Essentia Comfort Pillow           cmfrt2_1

Essentia Pillows Made Entirely of Natural Memory Foam

Now we move on our pillows made entirely of our patented natural memory foam. These pillows are individually molded using our high-density natural memory foam. This means that you will experience more support and a gentle touch. As these pillows are very dense they will not feel super soft but they will mold to you properly supporting your head and neck. We have 3 different models in this range:


For someone looping for more pronounced neck support, the Ergonomic’s S shape design offers just that. Made entirely of our natural memory foam this dense pillow is specifically designed to support the curve of your neck. Given the specific shape, we find that this pillow can be a love-hate for most people. If you are looking specifically for neck support this is the one for you. Ideal for side and back sleepers.

Essentia Ergonomic Pillow            Ergonomic


Don’t let the look for you, this is no traditional pillow… it isn’t our Comfort pillow either even though they are almost twins. The Classic pillow is perfect for someone looking for more cradling head and neck support without any odd shapes. Made entirely of our natural memory foam this hefty (really it’s pounds) pillow will gently mold to your head and neck offering support with a soft touch. We recommend it for side and back sleepers.

clsc3_1              cmfrt2_1


Built with dedicated side sleepers in mind our Forma Spa pillow is the granddaddy of them all. Made entirely of our natural memory foam this dense pillow is the heaviest of the lot with height to match. The Forma Spa memory foam pillow is about 5 inches in height making ideal for head, neck and shoulder support for someone that truly enjoys sleeping on their side. The ribbed texture offers soft, ventilated comfort. While we do recommend this pillow to dedicated side sleepers it can also be used by back sleepers who are taller or have more space between their neck and shoulders so that they don’t feel propped up too much at night.

Forma Inside                Forma

Bonus for someone looking for the ultimate body pillow is our Wholebody! A large, U-shaped body pillow this is designed to support your entire body. Unlink most body pillows on the market, our Wholebody is filled with a mix of our shredded natural memory foam and shredded natural latex making it a heavy, supportive pillow. We get passionate feedback about this one, and we recommend it if you enjoy snuggling at night.

We hope this helps you understand our pillows a bit more, and as always you are welcome to test them out in any one of our stores.

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