23rd June 2010
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Disposable Bamboo Plates For Your Next BBQ


Once in a while, greenies guiltily pick out some disposable plates at the grocery store for those times when you just have too many people over to wash dishes. Usually we pick the cardboard plates so that they will compost, but the problem with those is that they can get soggy if we use a lot of salad dressing or are serving food that is coated with a marinade of any kind. What to do?

If you are a discriminating eco-hostess, you order disposable bamboo plates. While their price tag is decidedly above that of the standard disposable dinnerware, they are sure to make a big impression. Best of all, they are available in bulk sizes if you want to use them for a backyard wedding or just order a bunch all at once with your friends.

The plates are made by Bambu from 100% organically grown bamboo. They are FDA approved as being food safe, and will break down within 4-6 months of being thrown out. Much prettier than the cardboard ones, we might add!

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  1. TopShelf Concepts

    Disposable bamboo plates are much better than cardborad plates and they are easiest and safe to use when we arranging parties and official meetings.

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