how would you feel if someone just turned you on
30th January 2012
Energy Conservation

Don’t Be Such A Tease…With Energy

how would you feel if someone just turned you on

With technology surging ahead everyday, people tend to forget that almost everything that makes your life easier or provides entertainment requires energy. Computers, Phones, TVs and even tablets are now part of the everyday routine for most people. All of these devices need charging but do they need to be plugged in and powered up all the time? The  answer is no,  the more you turn things off, the more money you’ll save.

I don’t know about you but whenever I visit a friend’s house, there is always something plugged in or turned on that doesn’t need to be. Whether it is a computer with a full battery or a light in another room, people forget that electronics are constantly pulling energy that doesn’t need to be used. Remember simple things make a big difference, turning a light off can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of a couple years.

There’s a good rule of thumb with energy, if your not using it, turn it off. The above illustration is a perfect example of what I mean!


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